Name: Equal chances for all

Year: 2008
Location: Campina
Aim and objectives: We promote the right to education for all children, especially for those that are socially disadvantaged. This means that all children have the right to develop their personality and abilities and also their educational skills in normal conditions.
Results: We noticed an improvement on the behavior of the beneficiaries.

Name: We, children, have rights, too!
Year: 2009
Location: Campina
Aim and objectives: The education of both will and character, the development of a positive attitude towards self and the others and of the attitudes that help one to express his opinions in different situations. Another objective is the development of interpersonal relationship by increasing the level of education.
Results: We noticed an increase of the ability of understanding and concentration towards the school field.

Project: Sports – Health for all




Aim and Objectives: We want to develop children’s athletic skills, we want to learn them that by doing different types of sports they can improve their health, education and their way of living, this activity being a type of recreation.
Results : Children showed that they really want to participate to the activities.






Project: Learn for Life

Year: 2010

Aim and objectives: We want to prevent the social exclusion.
Results: The project was based upon our opinion and experience that showed the fact that for a child it is important to follow a positive path in his life. This is realized by developing his motivation and curiosity of learning new things and also by learning how to adapt to new social environments. These are the three main aspects that offers meaning for the child’s life and keep him in a proper line of development until he becomes a responsible adult that can deal with any situation.

Project: If you give you will gain
Aim and objectives: We look for positive changes in children’s behaviour.
Results : With this project we tried to improve the results from school for those who followed institutional courses and also tried to accustom the ones that weren’t at school with the educational system.

Project: You are not alone
Aim and objectives: We want to facilitate children’s access to education.
Results: Through this project we succeeded to minimize the risk of drop out by creating positive attitudes towards school and improving their motivation for learning.

Project: A step for being better

Location:Campinaposter2012 2
Aim and objective: We tried to facilitate children’s access to education.
Results: With this project we managed to forward the idea that you can put the base of positive values through sports. These values can be friendship, solidarity, loyalty, team work, self-discipline, self-esteem, self-confidence and reliability to others, respect, modesty, communication and the capacity to face problems. All these principles represent a base for the positive development of each person’s behavior.






Project: I want to be majorposter2013
Year: 2013
Aim and objectives: We tried to find educational alternatives.
Results : Our purpose was the same as the one that started the association meaning that we fought for a disadvantaged category of children, those that were vulnerable.
We tried to develop the education having in mind clear objectives performed in an opened and friendly environment were study, learning and creativity are permanently encouraged. We believe that these are essential for a healthy growth of every child.
The results were 100% positive and children were frequent participants at the activities so that our objectives were reached completely.




Project: For Us, too!poster2014
Year: 2014
Aim and objectives : We tried to promote the positive values through free activities.
Results: We want to promote outdoor activities as an alternative to television/computer/isolation/tramping especially in vacations. We also want to increase the degree of socialization and concentration through games.




Project: Present!
Year: 2014
Aim and objectives: We try to break the barrier between vulnerability and society.
Results: We attempt to improve the causes that lead to school and social failure through services that break the barrier imposed by family or financial situation between children and society.