The association Inima Sfântă A Lui Isus- AISI is a legal entity established on the bases of the legislation in force in order to become a proper place for children from vulnerable families. We grant special attention to the development of programs for social embeddedness. To offer these social services for children means taking a great responsibility but at the same time it represents HOPE that lightness their precariously future.
AISI’s aim is to prevent the dropout and the deflective behavior of some children. We do that by using services and activities related to the child’s needs, offering differentiated help in the areas related to education for life and assuring the proper frame for developing relations with the others or, in the limit of possibilities, covering some of their needs.
The activities that really help the children mentioned in order to become educated persons, people that developed their self-reliance, their cultural or spiritual believes and of course their minds have priority over any other activities.

Brif History

From volunteer to missionary

  Paolo Gozzo It all started in 2004 when Paolo Gozzo, a volunteer, met the gypsies’ families from the outskirts of Campina. He found out that there are many children that leave school in order to help financially their families and on the other hand some children go to school but they are unable to be efficient because of the lack of school supplies.

Being impressed by the existence of so many children that live in limiting – conditions, he decided to build a place where children can come and live their childhood even for few hours a day.
His mission starts in a hopper with the help of some highschool volunteers. The building was restored by himself and “the hopper” became a dear place for the little ones, at that time.
A year later, in 2005, The Holy Heart of Jesus – Asociatia Inima Sfanta a lui Iisus – AISI was set up as we know it today. With the help of his Italian friends, Paolo Gozzo managed to rent a small house with two rooms and he also hired the first persons. The number of children, Gypsies and Romanians, with reduced financial possibilities grew every day.
After almost 3 years, when Romania became part of the European Union, a news appeared as the ending of the entire work.
The location didn’t fulfill the new European conditions and because the funds of the association were directed mainly to the rent and payment of salaries, there were no more funds for a new and adequate location.
By a miracle, when pessimism hall-marked the association, with the help from some friends, AISI, knew a person, a local councilman at that time, who offered the expected help.
In 2007, by a decision from the Local Council of Campina, the association received, for free, a new location that measured 400 mp, in Casa Tineretului.
A.I.S.I. expresses thanks to all the people that contributed to continuance of this mission and it returns any of your favours by all the activities that make children’s souls blissful, especially because they live with so many social and economic laks.



A.I.S.I was set-up in 2005 by Mr. Paolo Gozzo who noticed that poor education leads to the appearance of many cases of dropout which starts from economic, social or cultural problems in the family.
Here we develop educational and social programs for children that have any type of difficulties. Our selection criteria are:
• Children with parents that have depressed social and occupational level;
• Children from single parent’s families;
• Children that are left with their grandparents and those are unable to deal with the situation because of various reasons;
• Children that have parents working abroad;
• Children that have divorced parents, those live a different cohabiting relationships and their home is not the same with the child’s;
• Children that are under residential, familial or maternal foster care;
• Children with low scholar capability and children that are exposed to leaving school because of reasons such as the lack of school supplies.
• Children that show potential but who are not supported morally or financially by their families;
• Children that came from families which have a limited social and educational profile;
• Children with parents that have a busy schedule and their earnings are insufficient.
• Children that have parents who haven’t a permanent workplace.
AISI offers help, meaning services that include:
• Cognitive stimulation (homeworks) – AISI helps children by becoming a substitute for their parents for few hours. This helps means supporting children in the realization of simple tasks because in some cases children confront with difficulties due to gaps in education, the illiteracy of their parents or the lack of time because of the work schedule.
• Creative workshops and recreational activities – This is our idea of helping these children by giving them the possibility to take part to activities that normally they can’t afford. In the same time, these services represent a way of preventing rambling because here children have activities that can correct the antisocial behavior. Children can develop positive personalities, their creativity, all these being part of their future work. Among these activities we mention: drawing and painting, pottery, cutting, tailoring, theatre, dance, sewing, soldering, working on PC, excursions and camping.
• We offer psychological guidance and speech therapy sessions for children and social attendance for parents.
• We support children in the process of their matriculation in schools and we help them in obtaining social support from the institution. This support represents a financial help for them and in this way children can buy all the school supplies that they need, special books and notebooks or their uniforms.


The mission of AISI is to offer permanent social services that cover a part of the problems which children from the association deal with. These services look mainly at what can be done in order to reduce the social, financial or psychological causes of absenteeism and drop out, two of the frequent situations that leads to uneducated persons.
AISI, through its mission that means developing measures of integrating children into the educational system, helps developing positive characters for the society, people with a complete basis education and with a minimum of professional training.
Every year through the projects that AISI develops, we look at social integration and recovery for all children. We do that with permanent and constant activities that make them understand the importance of going to school and we try to get the families and community involved in our projects.
Through years, based on its past experiences, the association developed social services that help the child to overcome his emotional difficulties and to believe in their abilities, an important aspect for their future.