Cognitive stimulation/Psychological advisory / Speech therapy

Education gives our children the possibility to evolve, to become a voice in their community, to have a quality life. The person that does not benefit from an early stage of education is not capable to succeed in recovering the discrepancy that appears in his education in comparison with other children. Our initiative had the starting point in opening a daily educational centre where children can stay together in order to learn to be part of a community, to learn how to write and read, to do their homework and connect with the others.
When a child is born in a vulnerable environment his life wild be difficult since that moment on no matter his cultural background or his social class.
Our purpose is to offer the most favorable conditions for children so that in the future they become grown-ups that are part of a society, part of a community. The attitude that a child develops relating to school or life depends on the way in which all these are comprehended but also on the experiences that the child encounters in his relationships with his family, friends, colleagues, teachers.
Since the beginning we try to include children that have the proper age in schools and we also support them and all that are members of the association by helping and supervising their homework, offering in the same time psychological advices and sessions of speech therapy.
We have two classrooms and one room for the speech therapy sessions, each of them properly equipped where children that go to school are supervised and guided in fulfilling the tasks received at school and also we help them to surpass any obstacles in their development. We try to adapt children that are under school age to the educational environment to ease their transition to the Romanian educational system.

Practical skills/ Handwork/ Painting

Using imagination is one of the most successful techniques used for many years and its result is the creation itself. It is important to offer a variety of activities to children so that their horizon of resources develop.
They can discover a passion that, if encouraged, it can lead to a future income. Each child has a hidden arstistic side that must be stimulated in order to create.
The positive aspects that derive from these activities such as patience, teamwork, the efforts needed to create the finished product, competition, help children to choose an active professional life and to cope in a collective.
Our workshop offers children different activities such as painting, modeling pastes, cutting up paper, handmade activities, soldering and drawing.

Tailoring/ Genuine lessons

A.I.S.I. chose to open a tailoring workshop where every week a number of 20 children take part to the activities. They learn how to sew and tailor. They are school age children and the only condition that we have is that they are tall enough to reach the treadle from the sewing machine.
The tailoring workshop opened for the first time in 2013 as an option for spending free time but also as the first step to an activity that on long term can bring them money, can help them develop financially and professionally. Here, children learn how to fasten and sew manually or at the electrical sewing machine.
In the same time, we realized that lessons about hygiene, street traffic, how to behave in society and with the others are crucial for our children’s education, helping them to develop in the positive direction that we all want.

Dance/Drama lessons/Outdoor activities
  A.I.S.I. developed dancing classes, drama lessons, aerobics and other outdoor activities, such as: hiking, trips or campsites, all because we want to give children the opportunity to take part to activities that they can’t afford because of the financial problems that their families have.
By participating to these activities, children develop their movement and communication skills, their critical spirits, their self esteem and also learn to be part of a team, to be an active part of a group or to develop social and civic values.